waa won the AIA 2020 Shanghai | Beijing Honor Award Best in Show for Architecture 2020


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For the project in Fuyang District, Hangzhou, designed by waa, Eagle studio won the AIA Shanghai | Beijing Honor Award Best in Show for Architecture 2020.
Eagle studio is an art education institution with a building area of about 74000 m2, which can accommodate more than 3000 students. As the most important users of Eagle studio, these students who are facing the art examination will spend 8 months of intensive study here. Starting from “place”, the design intends to create a space that can make users have a similar sense of identity and belonging, and create a building related to learning, competition, living and dreams.


About AIA Shanghai|Beijing Design Awards 2020

AIA Shanghai | Beijing Design Awards is dedicated to the recognition of innovative architectural, interior and planning projects in China, regardless of scale, budget, style and category. The awards cover four categories: urban design, architectural design, interior design and unfinished projects. AIA members and non members who practice in China can sign up for the competition.
The members of this jury are first-class scholars, architects, critics and theorists in the construction industry at home and abroad, including Professor Shao Yong, senior expert in cultural heritage protection of Tongji University, academician of AIA and founder of j.j.pan, founder of Jeannette Kuo, Professor Jeannette Kuo of Tongji University and partner of OMA Chris van Duijin, senior construction media person, Clifford Pearson, publishing director of KPF. The award adopts anonymous evaluation. The name of the design company should be hidden when all the entries are submitted. Only the design project itself is used as the basis for evaluation. After strict selection and fierce academic discussion, the experts of the evaluation committee finally select the winning project. The jury and evaluation procedure make the award highly academic and professional.