waa won the Jury Prize/Commended Project in 2020 WAF World Architecture Festival


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The World Architecture Festival announced the award-winning list of WAF 2020. “Wemarket fashion commons”, a project designed by waa, located on the L2 floor of yidigang, Chaoyang District, Beijing, stands out from many entries and is finally recommended by the WAF awards 2020 jury.
What kind of feeling will the Commons of fashion retail bring? How do designers embody their identity in the crowd? WAA thinks that the shared space needs to adapt to the different activities of future designers. The essence of business model is to transform the fixed place into a mobile, deconstructive and regenerated space system. Architectural solutions are adopted to minimize the construction of decoration. The combination and composition of space are all solved through a kind of construction – movable door frame.
Using the technology of driving architecture to develop components, three kinds of mobile display shelves are designed, which are linear, rotary and flat shelf. The design uses the panel as the element of separation to create three kinds of space volume: 5 square meters (capsule space) / 10 square meters (leisure space) / 20 square meters (full size space). Each designer can display and sell the design in the area of 2.7m x 1.8m. They will have at least 3 movable panels, 4 bases and 1 led logo. Each designer can create his own unique field, and the collection of these unique fields gives the space a shared atmosphere. The use of panel elements also enables people to have multiple choices when they need to expand the open space, so as to provide flexible space for artists’ installation, fashion show, exhibition and other activities.


About WAF China| 2020

The jury of the 2020 WAF · China competition is composed of 42 expert judges from more than 20 countries. It is composed of six Super giants from the international architectural design industry. There are 203 works from 90 units in Greater China. There are as many as 12 hosts in the competition, and 213 Chinese candidates including designers and reporters With more than 20 backstage staff, they presented a visual feast for the public.

World Architecture Festival (WAF) is known as the Oscar of Architecture Festival. This competition in Greater China will let more Chinese young architects go abroad and let the world see more charm of Chinese architecture design.