Xi’an Wetland Park Competition Win


waa and Xian university of Technology and Architecture institute is pleased to announce our recent successful pitch to design XIAN’s new cultural hub. The Scheme incorporates 9 museums 3km south of central Xian. The Council envisages the project as an investment for future growth in the rapid modern technology’s and design sector to benefit the next generation of young Artists, designers and Animators. It is hoped that Xian can progress from the success of the recent Ecological world expo and fuse itself in the minds of the International consciousness.

The scheme largely drew on the influences of Xian’s rich cultural heritage. Once the capital and the gateway to the west through the trade of silk being the driver for Chinas ancient status on the world map. We were interested in re-appropriating the process of silk fabric manufacture in particular the process of harvesting this precious material.

The Landscape has retained the existing topography of this valley site with the water dropping from east to west along 3km of wetland. To the far right of the site Plot 7 is sensitively situated on a historical axis between the Pagoda to the North West, and the Han cemetery mounds to the south east reference the Jade Dragon from Han dynasty, resulting in a fragmented island approach. Reference to the burial mounds has been incorporated in-between a continuous ribbon of water stretching the full length of the 3km site. The Landscape segments are stretched into place almost as twine is reeled onto spindles the museum zones acting as pivots in this process. Special ribbed strips have been incorporated in the hope to harvest the force of weathering, permitting the continuous morphing of the landscape over time. Planting has a seasonal touch allowing for visitors encountering new experiences on multiple trips.

see project:  QuJiang Wetland Competition