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 “An emotional in response to the mechanics of Pluto’s phenomena”

This design is an emotional response to the mechanics of Pluto’s phenomena, where

Pluto’s relationship with our solar system is highly debated. Its relatively late discovery and poor imagery helped generate a mysterious character, we interpret that feeling as lonely.

The design transforms this specific emotions into a number of single shadow, where Silhouette

of the ”shadow” becomes the components that shape the space. By composition and arrangement those shadow component’s complement each other, it becomes a socially blended environment which mirrors art of making coffee.

We understand Pluto coffee’s intent to place visual art to the centre of the coffee making process. Visual art can activate and improve the world around us. The domed canvas in the soffit allows art to impact the environment of the space. Complimented with vertical screens dotted throughout the context to promote a layered gallery feel.

Pluto and Eros (2022), a commissioned video artwork created by artist Jiang Sheng: in a maze of digital screens, the visual and audio narratives become intersected, layered, and open-ended, an organic existence that invites interpretation and stimulates experience.