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waa was invited to propose ideas for a Sky Scraper by Bao Ta Oil Corporation competition for its prospective 66 storey high skyscraper in the new financial district in Zhuhai. The scheme placed a high importance on the companies’ identity, the building was to be iconic and act as a beacon competing with the already developed Macau skyline, which lies just 100m on the opposing riverbank.

The scheme incorporates 2 separate entrances one for hotel residents and office VIP’s which can be accessed over a suspended bridge with everyday accessibility on the opposite face. All hotel amenities such as ballroom, business conference and function rooms are located in 3 basement levels along with underground car park facilities. The hotel restaurant, gym and fitness areas can be located on level thirty with additional sky gardens located further up and a Bar and penthouse situated on the top floor.

The facade incorporates 3 layers: vertical glazed strips bulge and tapper throughout the length of the building helping to simulate congealed liquidity. A Structural band is incorporated to define each strip with louvers and a louver system is added to help combat excess glare internally.

The base is equally divided into 16 boxes, tower accommodation takes up one of the central box, the rest 15 boxes are triangulated to accommodate landscape functions.