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Fashion has become a ceremonial activity. People now perceive offline shopping culture as a special event and a place for meaningful social interaction. Our vision was adapted through 4 elements found within the home, to nudge this ritual into a personal familiar experience.
a) The Front Door: An act of coming into a place.
b) The Garden: ¬¬¬¬An Earthly paradise, thought of as feminine
c) The Fireplace: Symbolizes security from outside dangers, thought of as masculine
d) The Balcony: Often used in ceremonial events often with romantic connotations
These 4 elements became the key places to form the spatial structure of the Erdos concept Store’s identity.

Erdos is a luxury Chinese brand with 40 years’ experience in the textile industry. Interior spaces respond to the folds and creases inherent in cashmere, garments are displayed on metal props unevenly balanced in niches. The hanging sculptures at angles disappear, while others they are visible adding to the changing forms of folds in clothes. A bold-red (the brand pigment) contrasts with the cream wall and focuses interested in the garments on display.

3 conjoined precast GRC curved walls defend an exterior with weight and heft, qualities that are often observed in masonry stone construction technique from antiquity. Each of the 3 sweeps mark a boundary, One encloses an exterior potted garden and springs to form an arch revealing a Front Door. Another rises from the interior staircase. The last hangs from the Soffit softening the corners. A fracture can be observed splitting the ‘masonry walls’. This crack creeps along the perimeter façade, by day a shadow, at night illuminated.

waa responds to people and their emotions. Fashion touches on many human senses such as; Touch, Sight, movement. All these help inform what we feel revealing our personal quirks, orientation and sensibilities to style.