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Fupu Museum,

The museum is to house a private collection of Chinese Antiquities. The collection includes work dated pre 2000BC- 1950AD and includes Bronze, Jade, Terracotta, Furniture, copper, ceramic and the four treasures. The latter considered to being of greatest relevance to our time. The Four treasures includes all materials needed to write calligraphy a) Writing Brush b) Ink Stick c) Paper d)Inkstone.

The 18,000sqm museum includes 9000sqm of exhibition space spread over 5 floors, the program is viewed sequentially top down in long linear spaces. Culminating in a decent into the basement through a long curved stairwell located in the main atrium skylight. Additional program of note is an Auction house which includes a temporary exhibit space on the ground level and a 20,000sqm tower fused to the main museum.