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Inspiration for the project came directly from the AnyShopStyle and their philosophy: CEO Li Yiang
“I want AnyShopStyle to become an online + offline platform for emerging Chinese designers. We don’t lead or guide customers we simply provide the right designer pieces for their needs. For emerging designers we don’t judge, we help them build their brands with the right customer.”
If fashion can be inclusive how to reduce distance with its followers and create a democratic space of display?

1. Concept
The prevailing New trends in the Chinese retail sector has made the re-transition from online to offline. AnyShopStyle promotes Chinese designers a small but developing market promoting the transition between being Made in China, to Designed in China. This current small market requires the engagement between like-minded communities whose attention is no longer solely focused on large brands. In a country where your whole life can be organized from your sofa, belies the fact that shopping is a social activity it cannot be replaced or substituted by online activities. The act of disconnection is the urge for social interaction.

Like with any of the architecture we construct our interest is placing “people” at the center of design. Exploring the idea of social places and taking the Neolithic campsite as the primitive gathering places as inspiration. Drawing inspiration from the most basic of architectures we abstracted this program using modern materials but maintaining a sentiment of this environment. The architectures as a result appear looser with geometric subtlety. What it feels holds greater priority over an ability to hold the gaze in an image.

2. Direction

We worked with the Client to enable the crafting of elements within the narrative of campsite inspired the main important elements of the interior design below.

Fence (Curved Racks), are bent and combined into segments to mimic how branches and twigs would be combined to perform the same task. We worked with the fabricator to engineer minimum structural elements and with jointing. The end product succeeds in the effect of members balancing upon one another.

Sky (The Ceiling), Is constructed from polycarbonate panels with perforations for light fixtures which compose the arrangement akin to a tree canopy. We faced issues relating to the visibility of supporting brackets. The solution was to use thicker 6M long PVC panels and fix each bracket on each adjacent panel on between depths, requiring no breaks. The ambient light created removes the feeling from a subterranean shopping experience and embeds a perception of verticality.

Boundary Territory (Floor) textures utilize differing grains, with the use of a cement based terrazzo the we could disperse different sized aggregates within a zonal boundary with uneven consistency. Associations can be drawn from rock and sand material deposits found besides rivers or streams. Plinths added to the landscape for manikin and accessory display in a grid arrangement from a gallery space for showcasing new designers. These boulders where sourced directly from a local quarry and were found off cuts to larger blocks. Depending on each piece found condition We then decided to Cut, treat or reveal the natural surface texture of each surface.

The landscape beyond the Wall, 3m high Tablets resting against the wall provide a backdrop for each designer brand and rhythm to the ad hoc plan arrangement to contrast against.

Focus + Activities (Jewelry Cabinet): This bespoke piece of furniture was produced with rotating seats which can produce a place to perch while viewing the products. They also act as supports for the table.