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01. Principles of the Masterplan
The Urban Sports Masterplan aims to revamp the Dongba District in the North East of Beijing, which is designated for a 4th Embassy district and is expected to attract high-end international businesses. This Urban Renewal project involves converting existing warehouse structures into an Urban sports Destination and with supporting retail units spanning over 27,893sqm. The plan includes a 10,155sqm landscaped area that will facilitate a community for urban sports, along with a supporting Restaurant Quarter and smaller retail stores specializing in street sports equipment and apparel, totaling 1800sqm in size.
02. Concept
A Multicolored Topography inspired by historical and contemporary geological maps, the Map in Question is a Study of the Meridiani Planum on Mars. It is important to remember geological maps are a 4th dimensional data system, evaluating natural hazards and socio-ecconic risks within the layer under the surface.
In that nature each identity of Urban sport has been fused into the topographical land formation and augmented to facilitate each bundle of specific movements each disciple entails. Elements such as depressions for Bowl skating, Rolling hills for a mountain bike pump track, and a contoured route for roller skating. The multicolored patches become functional Valleys, Troughs, crests and ridges act as an aid to technical skills and the additional benefit of defining the activities for playability and hazard avoidance. The design also incorporates additional compressed Mounds to create small amphitheaters for impromptu audiences and stretched peaks for panoramic views. Expressing a new topography which the movement of activity is fundamentally linked to the iconography.
03. Design Point
Parkour, also referred to as “the art of movement,” is a physical discipline that entails utilizing one’s body to surmount obstacles in the surrounding environment, such as walls, railings, and other urban structures, in a seamless and efficient manner. The architecture of the building integrates these obstacles into its core structure and massing, becoming a tool to practice and engage with. A ramp for accessing the roof can be used for all but the brave can explore various alternative routes for both ascending and descending the obstacles.
Skateboard Street & Bowl Disciplines
Skateboarding is a recreational and extreme sport that involves riding and performing tricks on a skateboard. It originated in California in the late 1940s and early 1950s as a pastime for surfers when the waves were flat. The Landscape caters for two disciplines. Street skateboarding, also known as “freestyle skateboarding,” is an urban form of skateboarding that focused on using everyday objects found on the street as obstacles to perform tricks and maneuvers. Bowl skateboarding is a style of skateboarding that originated originally empty swimming pools that skaters would ride and carve on.
BMX Pump Track
A pump track is a type of cycling track designed for bikers and skateboarders, typically consisting of a series of small hills, berms, and Folds which as facilitate jumps that riders can navigate without pedaling, relying instead on momentum and body movements to maintain speed. The Pump track has been embossed into a chain of hilled ridges contained within the Urban sports geological range. Embedding the tack rather than a single track loop into a guide on a expansive terrain will give riders the opportunity to find new routes themselves. So enhancing the experience by opening up the activity to more personalized discovery. The looped track can be ridden in a ad-hoc manor or used for timed competition. Nighttime activity is supplemented by illuminated hoops both acting as a handrail earmarking resting spaces and way finding tool.
Market Zone
Facilitating the wider community required provision for a street food market. The existing building cluster and the requirement to maintain the existing massing lent the space to a market stall scale, with ample external pockets provided for rest places and hangout spots for groups of young adult. Integrating the 18 units of different sizes, ranging from 10 sqm for micro-stalls to 20-40 sqm units with small in-store seating and a larger food hall with an indoor hall and terrace. This allowed a flexibility for tenants to be comprised of artisan boutique’s to larger more established brands. The market will be arranged in a donut shape around a shallow pool with indoor seating. Constructed from corrugated rain screens and PC board with Timber supports. We hope to impart an Ad-hoc commune identity linked to Urban sports lifestyle.
FB & Retail Zone
Along the perimeter of the site, a slender strip of accommodation will be utilized for small independent stores catering to the Urban sports community. Additionally, a covered shopping street will provide seating and congregation areas for bikers or skaters modifying their equipment. The North West perimeter and Market Quarter roof area will be converted into accessible Terraces to enable greater congregation and rest zones.