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The local site lies in the middle of the iron-copper-gold polymetallic metallogenic belt of the middle-lower reaches of the Yangtze River. This rich abundance of metal ores and specifically copper has made the city historically, a focus for technology development throughout ancient china. The city is now in the process of large infrastructure and local wellbeing enhancement. This exhibition hall houses the future aspirations for future generations; it is indeed a city in the process of MAKING.

Focusing on our design through MAKING, we found inspiration of architectural language in the process of fabrication in this regions mining industry. Copper is soft and malleable and when alloyed with other metals a versatile material. Its properties and crafting is observed and implanted in the architecture directly, through analyzing how we may craft copper we formed the architecture by replicating existing manufacturing techniques. Through squashing, rolling, bending and melting our notional copper material this palate of tools offers an ideology of design ingrained in local practices undertaken for millennia. Our novel proposal offers an identity firmly placed within the local realm.